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Hikvision’s Corporate Background

November 30, 2017 Views:211

Hikvision’s Corporate Background

Hikvision is an independent and publicly traded corporate and has always been completely transparent about its ownership structure. Hikvision’s shares are held by a diverse set of private and public shareholders, such as venture capitalists, A-shareholders and overseas institutional inverstors such as Hong Kong Service Clearing Company Ltd. (HKSCC) and UBS AG. HKSCC and UBS AG are currently among Hikvision’s top 10 shareholders. Less than 42% of Hikvision’s shares are owned by CETHIK, a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE), which besides being shareholder has no involvement in business decision-making.

Hikvision is acting entirely independent and refutes resolutely any allegations in the media that CETHIK’s share ownership has any influence on business operations or otherwise. Indirect state ownership in private corporations is a regular and increasing occurrence all over the world. According to the European Commission, “[m]ajority-owned SOEs account for about USD 2 trillion of assets and more than six million jobs in the OECD member countries combined. These figures would be even higher if firms with public minority shares were included.” For example, the German federal state is direct majority shareholder of 62 enterprises and indirect shareholder of 508, including the Rail Service Center Rotterdam B.V. in the Netherlands, Euro Cargo Rail SAS in France and Arriva (2007) Limited in the UK.

As the world's largest provider of video surveillance equipment, Hikvision is on the forefront of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. Hikvision has been very successful in the past decade because we partner with our customers, to win business together and, ultimately, to provide a safer environment for communities, families and businesses.
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