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Hikvision helps to make Aalborg Harbour secure

July 11, 2017 Views:612


Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, worked with Aalborg Municipality, the North Jutland Emergency Services, Aalborg University’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, and security company Actas A/S to find an innovative solution for improving safety and security along the waterfront in Aalborg, Denmark.

The system works with a combination of thermal cameras (which will be set up between Limfjordsbroen and Honnørkajen during the trial period) and one controllable camera for use in active searches. Aalborg University is mapping risk areas and developing a groundbreaking program that can “recognise” accidents and raise an alarm. When someone exhibits dangerous behaviour along the waterfront, either on land or in the water, the emergency services will be notified.

After a successful test phase, Aalborg is almost ready to go live with the system. The municipality is also planning an expansion with more cameras, due to the high levels of confidence they have in the system’s success.

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